Yusudi Life Skills Training and internship program

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Yusudi Life Skills Training and internship program offers the youth an opportunity to get trained on the key soft skills that will help them stand out in the current labor market, then get a guaranteed internship where they can put these skills into practice.
The 5-month program includes a one-month training on the specific key areas that Yusudi tailored from first hand information received from various employers and companies. These are:

  1. Communication with confidence: this has to do with speaking & writing in ways that will help you to get taken seriously in the workplace.
  2. Professional approach: this deals with correct workplace conduct and business etiquette.
  3. Self-Learning: this has to do with continuous learning in order to stay relevant in the very fast paced working environments.
  4. Entrepreneurship: this is about coming up with viable ideas and how to go about building them from scratch till they scale.
  5. Job related skills: this is a basic training on the key job areas in which we offer internship placements.

Thereafter, applicants get an internship placement for 4 months or more which, depending on how well they make use of the skills gained, could lead into long term employment.
Yusudi offers internship placements in the following key areas:

  1. Sales
  2. Marketing
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Administration and Customer service
  5. Graphic design


Yusudi Life skills training and Internship program requirements are as follows:

  1. You should be available full time for the duration of the program i.e. 5 months.
  2. You should have a degree/ a diploma in any field.
  3. You should reside within the Nairobi area during the duration of the program at least.